Allotment Sites in Coventry

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Allotment Sites in Coventry

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Coventry City Council Allotments

Len Parnell

024 7671 5290

Acacia Grove




Allesley Old Road




Ansty Road




Ashington Grove




Bagington Mill Leisure Gardens




Beresford Avenue




Bridgeman Road




Brownshill Green Road




Cannon Close




Charter House




Donnington Road




Eden Street




Evenlode Crescent




Glentworth Avenue




Grange Road Leisure Gardens




Guphill Avenue




Hearsall Common




Henley Mill












Holyhead Road




Limbrick Avenue




London Road



Radford Road




Radford Recreation




Red House (Awson Street)




Seagrave Road




Sherbourne Valley




Siddley Avenue




Spring Estate




Stoke Heath




Stoke House




Stoney Road



Tanners Lane




Terry Road




Wallace Road




Westwood Heath Leisure Gardens








Windmill Road




Woodway Lane/ Narberth Way