Pests & Dideases


Sow direct in ground.

Broad beans, beetroot, calabrese, early & main crop carrot, summer cauliflower, lettuce, onion from seed, spring onion, parsnip, pea, mangetout pea, radish, spinach / leaf beet, swede, turnip.

Sow in Pots

Dwarf French bean, runner bean, sprouting broccoli, brussels sprouts, summer cabbage, calabrese, summer cauliflower, autumn cauliflower, self blanching celery, courgette, kale, leek, marrow, pumpkin, sweet corn, outdoor tomato, chillies.

Leeks & Brassicas can be sown in a seed bed.

Plant outdoors

Broad bean, Dwarf French bean, runner bean, summer cabbage, calabrese, summer cauliflower, self blanching celery, onion from seed, onion from sets, early potatoes, main crop potatoes, shallot.


Control weeds around cane fruit and give them a good mulch of well rotted farmyard manure.

Protect fruit against birds, but use a netting with a gauge of about 2cm to allow bees access for pollination. Give frost protection when necessary.

Pick off the flowers of newly planted early and late varieties of strawberry's to hold them back for a massive crop next year.

Prune stone fruits if weather allows.


Sow basil indoors for planting out after the frosts.

Sow Florence fennel & parsley.

Divide chives and creeping thymes.

Around the Garden

Watch for vine weevil, slugs & snails, flea beetles and sawfly caterpillars on gooseberry bushes.

Put up carrot fly netting or plastic sheeting about 2ft high.

Rake up debris where pests are inclined to hide.

Erect supports for climbing beans and peas.

Hoe regulary.