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Sow outdoors end of May to early June, or transplant seed sown in April indoors, during early June. Final spacing should be a minimum of 60cm (2ft) in each direction. Rich, well manured ground is required with copious watering in dry weather. Liquid feed regularly once cutting has started. Slugs must be controlled or they can devastate the crop. Control Botrytis and Powdery Mildew with an appropriate fungicide.

Ambassador F1 Hybrid
Highly productive variety with glossy cylindrical courgettes which are dark green in colour. One or two fruits left on the plant towards the end of the season will quickly produce full-size marrows.

Black Beauty
Organically produced courgette seed that produces long, dark green fruits with smooth glossy skins on vigorous plants. Fruit may reach 20cm (8in) long although it is best picked smaller. Half hardy annual.

Eight Ball F1 Hybrid
An American variety, produces attractive round fruit which are dark green. Highly productive and full of flavour.

Endurance F1
Good yields of tasty, dark green, shiny fruits on compact plants with fewer spines to make picking easier. Perfect in pots.

Gold Rush F1
A brilliant gold yellow fruited variety that produces good yields of long fruits. It makes a distinctive addition to the garden and can be harvested very young for best flavour. Half hardy annual.

Kojac F1
A very high yielding and prolific courgette with dark greens, spine-free fruit that makes picking easy. Use as a hot vegetable or try frying in butter for delicious taste. Half hardy annual.

One Ball F1
High yielding and superb tasting, producing masses of round crisp fruits. Bright yellow, round courgette. Attractive appearance with good all round cooking quality. The tender fruit are quick to mature. Best when approx 2cm (5in) across. Half hardy annual.

Parador F1 Hybrid
Sensational 'Gold Rush' type with high yields of fine flavoured yellow fruit.

Patriot F1 Hybrid
British bred hybrid, highly prolific and early fruiting. Attractive fruit which are easy to see and pick.

Tuscany F1 Hybrid
A high quality courgette producing dark green fruits with good length. The plant has a very compact upright habit and very few spines making this a great variety for containers. Easy picking.