Pests & Dideases

Hoe Hoe Hoe


Start saving egg boxes for chitting potato tubers

Pick Brussels Sprouts regularly from the bottom up and remove yellowing leaves.

Earth-up Winter Brassicas and Spring Cabbages to help steady them in the wind.


Harvest Carrots, Kale, Leeks, Parsnips, Swedes.

Harvest Winter Cabbage as and when needed.


Divide and plant Rhubarb. Clumps lifted can be used to start forcing for early Spring (  Rhubarb )

Check tree stakes and ties when Winter pruning.

Plant fruit trees, bushes and canes.

Prune Blackcurrants, if not done in the Summer.

Prune Gooseberry bushes and Red /  White currants on a short trunk.

Prune Grape vines before Christmas to avoid bleeding.

Prune established open-grown Apple and Pear trees (not cordons, espaliers or fans).

Formative pruning of young fruit trees and bushes (under three years old) can be done now.

Hardwood cuttings can be taken this month - to propagate Blackcurrants, Red currants, White currants, Gooseberries and Grape vines.


Place cloches over tender herbs.

Mulch to cover herbs that have died down for the Winter.

Protect young rosemary and sage against the cold weather. ( Straw & leafmould around the base ).

Around the Garden

Keep clearing up leaves ( leaf mould ) and debris.

Protect plants from severe cold and strong winds.

Get on with DIY jobs, i.e. in the shed, clean out gutters and down pipes, repair fencing, make a cold frame, clean tools.