Dill (Anethum graveolens) - Annual


The dill leave is used with smoked fish and the seeds, which are strongly flavoured are used in cooking. Sow in mid-spring with well drained soil and sunshine. Dill can grow to 5 ft tall so may require support. Don't let it seed itself as you will have dill everywhere and cut it back to encourage fresh leaf growth. Water in hot weather to prevent it bolting. Keep away from Fennel and Coriander.


Plant Height

Up to 90cm/3 ft

Where to Sow

Outdoors directly in the ground in a  sunny position. 

Sowing time

March/April - temperature   +16C/61F. 

How to Sow

2.5cm/1-inch apart. Press into soil surface

After Germination

Keep moist.

Growing on -  in Pots

Not recommended

Growing on- in ground

When 7.55cm/3-inches tall, thin to 30cm/12-inches apart. Stake tall plants.


Pick leaves just before the flowers open. Harvest seeds when they are flat and brown.


The leaves are great sprinkled on news potatoes, tomatoes, grilled salmon, spinach, green beans, cucumbers and squash. Use the seeds for pickling.