Early Maincrop

Belle de Fontenay
An old French variety esteemed for its flavour which further improves on storage. Beautiful pale yellow tubers. Uses: Salad.

The world's most popular red potato. Pale yellow firm waxy flesh. Versatile for all cooking.Good drought resistance. Organic Desiree has Organic Certification approved by The Soil Association. Uses: Baker/general purpose.

Charlotte Pink Fir Apple cross so has to be delectable eating quality. You will not be disappointed. Long finger-shaped, part reddish skin with pale yellow flesh. Good common scab resistance.

International Kidney
Can also be used as a general purpose early maincrop. The most important crop on Jersey produced and sold as 'Jersey Royal' New Potato. Very waxy. Uses: Salad.

Isle of Jura
Heavy yield of oval, white skinned tubers and particularly good flavoured, slightly floury cream flesh. Excellent all rounder. Uses: Boil/baker/general purpose.

Early Maincrop but can be lifted as a Second Early. A heavy crop of long oval yellow skinned and fleshed waxy tubers, mouth watering flavour either hot or cold. Good resistance to Common and Netted Scab and Golden eelworm.

King Edward
A firm favourite for roasting. The creamy white flesh rarely discolours on cooking. Uses: Roast/general purpose.

Lady Balfour
Named after the Soil Association founder. Oval, pink splashed tubers with firm, moist creamy flesh. Impressive blight resistance and double eelworm resistance. Huge yields, even in poorer soils. Stores well. Ideal for the organic gardener. Uses: Boiling, general purpose.

Maris Piper
Versatile all rounder. Dry, floury, creamy-white flesh of good flavour rarely discolours on cooking. The best chipping variety around. Golden eelworm resistant. Purple flowers. Uses: Chips/roast/bake/general.

Mayan Gold
Bred jointly by Greenvale AP and SCRI. Has its roots in the Andean foothills of Peru and is a different type of potato of the phureja type. Mayan Gold is the first successful introduction of this type and has proven exceptionally popular with chefs and the restaurant trade. Yellow skinned, long, oval, tubers with a deeper golden flesh of a unique nutty flavour and an extremely creamy but dry texture. Fantastic for chips and roasting for the crispy texture and fluffy centres. Superb flavour when cooked in its skin for all cooking uses except boiling (as tubers will quickly go mushy), also makes a stunning pie topping. Definitely worth a try. Plant April and May.

Moulin Rouge
A Pink Fir Apple x Desiree cross similarly as the increasingly popular Anya but with a much more oval tuber shape and pink skin, the flesh can also display a red tinge.

Long oval smooth skinned tubers with a wonderful waxy texture. Superb flavour when boiled. Golden eelworm resistant. Uses: Salad.

Pentland Dell
Long oval white tubers with creamy white flesh. Versatile but particularly excellent chipper, especially long or large chips. Shows good slug resistance and is drought resistant. Uses: Baker/chips/general.

A huge cropper ideal for storing. Bred from Cara so has creamy skin and striking bright red eyes. Waxy flesh. Good all round disease and drought resistance, although prone to slugs. Uses: Boil/general purpose.

Red King Edward
A rare, red sport of King Edward. Said by some to be even better.

Round red skinned with creamy white flesh and a versatile all rounder in the kitchen. Shows good slug and blight resistance. Uses: Baker/General purpose.

A very tasty red from Ireland, an excellent all rounder producing oval tubers with pale yellow, dry, floury flesh. We consider this will soon become a popular standard - do give it a try. Uses: Baker/fry/general purpose.

Vivid carmine skin contrasts with the yellow waxy flesh. Plenty of eye appeal. Truly superb flavour. The ruby red stems give striking visual appearance. Uses: Salad.

Probably the most pest and disease resistant potato and grows well in all soils. Double eelworm resistant. Large round tubers with quite dry pale yellow flesh. Organic Sante has Organic Certification approved by The Soil Association. Uses: Baker/boil.

Aptly named for its obvious white 'smile' on a pink skin. A unique variety with visually stunning appearance and so versatile in the kitchen. Bred from Red Duke of York which explains its versatility and superb flavour. Uses: General Purpose.

Vales Sovereign
Bred by Greenvale AP. Attractive white skinned, shallow red eyed, good sized tubers with creamy flesh, ideal for both the table and for the Exhibitor. Resistant to golden eelworm and partially to white eelworm, and good common scab and blackleg resistance. Uses: Baker, General Purpose.