Pests & Dideases


Chit potatoes. Put them in egg boxes or similar with the end having the most eyes uppermost in a cool frost free place ( chitting )

Sow direct in ground.

Beetroot, early carrot, spring onion. The hardiest broad beans may be sown ( Longpods ). Radishes can be sown on warmed soil.

Sow in Pots

Brussels sprouts, summer cabbage, summer cauliflower, calabrese, dwarf French beans, leek, lettuce, onion from seed.


Sow seeds for parsley.

Divide mint.


Plant fruit trees and bushes.

Take cuttings off outdoor vines, blackcurrants, gooseberries and raspberries.

Plant rhubarb.

Cut down to the ground autumn raspberries.

Protect with fleece or similar, the flowers of any soft fruit that is emerging from frosts.

Around the Garden

Note: Turning over freezing soil will move the colder soil to the bottom, taking longer to warm up.

Make a Bean trench. Dig out a trench 18 in wide and the depth of your spade. If you want a double row make it twice as wide. Put in plenty of organic matter and fork it in. Leave the trench open ready for the end of May or June.

Add Manure or Lime where required. remember Lime should be added at least two months ahead of planting.

Check winter protection against cold weather is still adequate.

Warm prepared beds  with cloches polythene or small polytunnels.

Prepare ground for sweet pea trench.

Check newly planted trees.