Green Fennel ( Perennial ).

    As for Bronze Fennel but produces bright green ferny feathery leaves.

Bronze Fennel ( Perennial ).

Not only is this herb aromatic, its foliage is feathery and can grow 6 - 7 ft in the garden ( the rear of a flower bed is ideal ). As a culinary herb, it has an anise taste. A few sprigs of the leaves or chopped young shoots adds a wonderful flavour to salads. It is important to deadhead the seed heads (use seed for culinary purposes) or you will spend the next few growing seasons weeding the many seedlings that will sprout. Since it is a tap-rooted herb, it can be difficult to weed. It produces ferny feather type leaves that are bronze in colour and small yellow flowers in the Summer. Water in dry spells and remove flowers to prevent it seeding prolifically. Replace every 3 years.

Sow seed in situ in spring after the frosts, or plant in pots and germinate at 68F (20C). Transplant to the garden when plant is young adding a complete fertilizer, as it has a taproot. Chose a site in full sun in moist, well drained soil. Deadhead seed heads in Autumn. Aphids and slugs may be a problem. The swallowtail caterpillar chews on the foliage. Stem and root rot can be a problem when grown in poorly drained soil.