First Early Potatoes

Now an established favourite whose shallow-eyed tubers are notable for their eating quality. The flesh is pale yellow, waxy and firm after boiling. Bulks up to produce a heavy crop and mature tubers show no cracking. Considered to be one of the most slug resistant varieties.

Arran Pilot
For decades this white skinned and white fleshed variety has been a UK favourite First Early. A firm, waxy texture and lovely flavour it is best appreciated when cooked straight from the garden.

The first variety ever to be marketed as a salad baker as the tubers bulk up quickly. With Charlotte as a parent you are guaranteed good flavour. Bright pale yellow skin with pale yellow waxy flesh. Common scab resistance.

Belle de Fontenay
An old French variety esteemed for its flavour which further improves on storage. Beautiful pale yellow tubers.

Duke of York
Esteemed for its pale yellow tubers and dry mealy texture with pronounced flavour. A classic first early which if left develops into a quality general purpose potato.

The tastiest of the extra earlies with succulent creamy white flesh which will appeal to those who prefer a firmer new potato.

Highly sought after new potato with white skin and creamy white flesh of delicious flavour. The traditional Ayrshire potato. White flowers. Floury new potato.

Extra high quality with slightly waxy firm white flesh of good flavour which does not disintegrate or discolour on cooking. A firm favourite amongst the earlies. Not usually attacked by slugs.

Lady Christl
Produces bumper yields of medium-sized, disease resistant waxy tubers. Boasts and excellent flavour boiled as a new potato. The lovely smooth skin and bright appearance continues to be a hit with the show judges too.

Maris Bard
Produces a reliable high yield of regular-shaped, shallow-eyed oval tubers. The flesh is soft creamy-white and waxy, doesn't discolour when boiled and holds its shape well. A well established garden variety, showing good all-round disease and pest resistance.

Unique cherry sized red skinned salad. Huge yields. Just wash a few tubers, quickly boil in the saucepan, then eat whole as a delicious tasting salad potato. Dwarf foliage. Ideal to grow in containers.

Brand new breeding against blight and in trials this has proven outstanding for both foliage and tuber blight resistance. Creamy white skinned, pale yellow fleshed round/oval tubers. Organic Orla has Organic Certification approved by The Soil Association.

Pentland Javelin
A little later than other First Earlies, it can also be left to mature to give a high yield. Ideal for boiling or in salads, the white, waxy flesh has a creamy texture. Does well in all soil types and has good-all-round disease resistance.

Red Duke of York
Oval red sport of Duke of York with moist yellow flesh of superb flavour. A good all rounder and really excellent for roasting. More vigorous with larger tubers than Duke of York. Organic Duke of York has Organic Certification approved by The Soil Association.

Pure white flesh, which is waxy and soft at first digging. You will be delighted by the earliness, ease of culture and size of crop, praising its uniform, exhibition quality, round tubers.

Sharpes Express
Some 100 years old but still an acclaimed Early. Superb flavour and its high dry matter makes for tasty chips as well as 'new' potatoes.

The earliest - a good crop of waxy white potatoes with a delicate new potato taste in as little as 7 weeks from planting.

Ulster Chieftain
White skinned oval tubers with moist, firm creamy white flesh. Its slug resistance was highlighted in 1960's Ministry trials and is once again becoming a popular variety. Heavy cropper.

Large tubers with even shape and size. Creamy moist flesh of excellent flavour. Flesh does not discolour on cooking.