Pests & Dideases


Plan your vegetable crop rotations for this years season.

Order your Potatoes if you haven't already. Put them in egg boxes or similar with the end having the most eyes uppermost in a cool frost free place ( chitting ). When they have sprouted, rub off all but one or two of the healthiest shoots before planting.

Order your seeds if you have not done so. Seeds should be ordered at least three months in advance to ensure supply.

Harvest Sprouting Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts and Leeks.

Parsnips, Swede, Celeriac and Turnips can still be harvested.

Force Chicory and Seakale

Protect brassicas from pigeons etc.

Under cover

Sow radish, lettuce ( hardy ) for early crops.

Now is the time to sow onion seeds to produce large exhibition bulbs for Autumn and Winter horticultural shows.


Check young rosemary and sage is protected against the cold weather. ( Straw & leafmould around the base ).


Force Rhubarb.

Last chance to prune grape vines.

Protect fruit trees from bird damage.

If your cane fruit / fruit trees have arrived plant now but only if the weather conditions allow.

Winter prune apples, pears, currants ( white / black / red ), gooseberries, blackberries on days without frost.

Around the Garden

If you got behind preparing new beds, start now if conditions allow.

Check winter protection against wind and cold weather is still adequate.

Keep on top of winter germinating weeds.

Warm prepared beds  with cloches polythene or small polytunnels.

Plant deciduous hedging.