Jerusalem Artichokes

The Jerusalem Artichoke has a similar flavour to the Globe Artichoke, but is not related. It makes a leafy screen up to 3 Metres (10ft) in the Summer.
You can order them from seed merchants or just buy some from the greengrocers to plant in early spring. Select tubers about the size of an egg and plant 10-15 cm (4-6 inches) apart.
Moisture retentive soil will produce the best tubers. Stake and earth up as they grow on through the Summer.
 Treat them as for Potatoes receiving well rotted famyard manure and in late May / early June add a complete dressing of fertiliser such as Growmore. 3 - 4 oz per sq yd ( 75 - 100g per sq m.
Water in dry spells and remove flowers to improve the crop. Cut them right down a month after flowering or after a frost has killed off the tops. Leave the tops over the crop for Winter protection.

Jerusalem Artichokes don't store for long, so dig them up as you want them during the Winter. Clear the ground in Spring and replant a few for your next crop. If you don't remove all the tubers they can become quite rampant.

Generally trouble free, though wireworms and slugs may be a problem.