Pests & Dideases


Sow direct in ground.

Broad beans, beetroot, early carrots, spring onion, onion from seed, parsnip, early pea, mangetout pea, radish, summer cauliflower, lettuce, spinach / leaf beet, turnip.

Sow in Pots

Dwarf French bean, runner bean, brussels sprouts, summer cabbage, calabrese, summer cauliflower, self blanching celery, leek, lettuce, onion from seed, outdoor tomato.

Leeks & Brassicas can be sown in a seed bed.

Plant outdoors

Summer cauliflower, lettuce, early potatoes.


Finish pruning on soft fruit, apples and pears.

Forced rhubarb should be ready to harvest.


Lift and divide chives, marjoram and mint.

Plant hardy herbs such as mint, sage and thyme.

Sow chives, dill and parsley outside under cloches, cold greenhouse or cold frame.

Around the Garden

Harvest the last of the winter brassicas.

Clear winter crops as they go over.

Take covers and cloches off plants on sunny days, but replace at night.