Parsley (Petroselinum crispum) - Annual


Plant Height

Up to 15cm/6-inches

Where to Sow

Indoors/Outdoors thinly  in small pots  7.5cm/3" diameter. 

Outdoors in open ground

Sowing time

Indoors February/April - temperature   +16C/61F.  

Outdoors - 2 weeks before the last frost. 

Is a notoriously slow germinator. Can take 40 days ...... Patience!

How to Sow

Sow seeds 2.5cm/1-inch apart,  6mm/1/4-inch deep.

After Germination

Keep compost moist but not very wet. 

Growing on -  in Pots

When 2.5cm/1-inch thin/transplant to 1 plant per 7.5cm/3 inch pot. Harden off plants which have been raised indoors and finally move outdoors once all danger of frost has passed.

Growing on- in ground

When 2.55cm/1 inch thin or plant out to 20cm/8-inches apart


Cut parsley when the leaves are of a suitable size. Leaves can be used fresh or dried.


Goes with almost everything including omelettes, salads, stews, vegetables, fish, sauces, eggs and soups and is therefore an ideal herb to use as a garnish