For greenhouse production sow end of February to early March finally planting into 23cm (9") pots or growbags in late April or early May. Outdoor production requires a sheltered and sunny site preferably with the protection of a cloche. Seed sowing should take place at the end of March indoors, a temperature of 16 - 21C (60 - 70F) will be required to raise seedlings. Once hardened off plant out in June. Feed regularly with Phostrogen or proprietary high potash tomato food when fruits start to swell. Additional feeding with Calcium Nitrate boosts yield and improves resistance to Blossom End Rot. Pick off first flowers to encourage more side shoots and ultimately more peppers. Red Spider Mite and Aphids are likely to be the biggest problems.


Bright yellow peppers of good shape with smooth skin. Holds well without cracking.

NEW ACE F1 Hybrid

Early and very productive. Short sturdy plants have a spreading habit and produce dark green, medium sized, bell type fruit.


Very early flowering and fruiting variety with strong growth. Pick fruit from deep purple through to deep red.

FENIX F1 Hybrid

Traditional sweet Italian hybrid, with slightly puckered skin. Produces long conical shaped fruit with few seeds. Ideal for frying raw or in salads. Best harvested red.


Hybrid, miniature bell variety producing small, sweet fruits, blocky in appearance. Ideal for patio pot plant.


Excellent open pollinated sweet pepper. Thick fleshed, large square shaped fruit can be harvested green or allowed to ripen to red.


Very good for frying. Unique flavour. The plants are very productive and always covered with fruit. At maturity, the colour turns from yellow-green to red-orange. Its flesh is thick, sweet and of flavour without comparison