Salad Leaves


The supermarket shelves are full of exotic looking salad leaves and charge a handsome price for assembling and packaging for you to eat straight off the shelf. But these so called mixtures can be grown by yourself and with a little thought you can have a good supply throughout the year.

Chicory, Corn salad ( Lambs Lettuce ), Endive, Frilly Lettuce, Cress, Rocket and Oriental brassicas can be grown quite quickly and provide you with gourmet salads.

Leaf salads are sensitive to temperature and should be kept in the range of 50 - 68 F ( 10 -20 C ). Lower than these temperatures causes germination to be erratic, any higher, established plants may bolt.

It is best to start them off in a propagator or covered in a plastic shroud at home where a watchful eye over them can be maintained.

If growing outside, early cover with cloches or fleece is recommended. Because of their fast growing nature intercropping and catch cropping makes them easier to find space for.