Second Early Potatoes

 Many Second Earlies are delicious as new potatoes - lift some a little sooner if your First Earlies have run out.

Desiree × Pink Fir Apple. A nutty flavour with a creamy flesh colour and smoother tubers than Pink Fir. Anya has become a sought after modern classic.

Bold, round/oval uniformly shaped yellow skinned tubers with pink splashed eyes and cream flesh. A bright skin finish hence the apt name. Recent tasting assessments have given Bonnie good reviews, particularly boiled and as a baker. Good disease tolerances and resistant to golden eelworm.

British Queen
Over 100 years old and highly prized for its yield, shape, floury texture and delicious flavour. Ireland's summer favourite. White flowers. Uses: Chips/baker/roast/general purpose.

Long oval tubers with attractive blue eyes and pale yellow flesh of superior flavour. Good yields. A showbench favourite before Kestrel. Uses: General purpose.

A very popular salad variety producing pear shaped yellow skinned waxy tubers and creamy yellow flesh of first class flavour, either hot or cold.

Edzell Blue
Pre 1915. Beautiful blue/purple skin contrasts with white flesh, very floury and makes tasty floury mash. Steaming avoids disintegration problems involved in boiling. White flowers. Uses: Mash/fry/baker.

Second early for July lifting. Smooth skin with purple eyes, and winner of many prizes at exhibition. Old fashioned flavour. Makes good chips and roast well because the soft flesh does not absorb much fat. Consistently shows good resistance to slugs and blackleg.

Lady Balfour
Excellent resistance to the major potato diseases including blight scab and virus Y, it also has strong resistance to eelworm. The variety also gives very high yields even in soils with low fertility. This means that in most seasons it can be grown without the use of chemicals and with little fertiliser making it easy to grow and ideal for organic culture. The pink-splashed tubers are very attractive with tasty creamy flesh which is moist and firm meaning Lady Balfour is best suited to boiling and roasting.

Magic Red
Stunning distinctively red skinned tubers with shallow red eyes and pure white flesh. Good scab and virus resistance. Uses: General Purpose

Very popular as an early baker. White skinned with pale yellow moist flesh. White flowers. Uses: Boil/waxy baker/general purpose.

Maris Peer
This Second Early has firm white flesh, which does does not break up or discolour on cooking. Expect heavy yields of medium sized tubers, which are good boiled. If harvested when small, they are particularly good for making potato salads. It makes a really handsome plant with remarkable scented purple flowers - the perfect patio potato. Plant from early March for harvest from mid July depending on variety.

Beautiful round tubers with smooth, bright red skin.- White waxy flesh which stays firm when cooked. Heavy cropping with large tubers. Consistently rated flavour as ‘excellent’. Plant from early March for harvest from mid July depending on variety.

Lots of uniform-sized tubers, very resistant to eelworm. Exceptionally smooth skin, with shallow eyes, perfect for showing. The sweet white flesh remains firm and moist on cooking making it ideal for baking and eating whole.

Round red skinned with creamy white flesh and a versatile all rounder in the kitchen. Shows good slug and blight resistance. Uses: Baker/General purpose.

Royal Kidney
A very waxy salad/boiler. Flavour good enough to outsell International Kidney on its day. Oval pale yellow skinned and fleshed tubers. Good yields.

Yukon Gold
Gorgeous golden skins with buttery yellow flesh of delicious rich flavour. Superb baked, roasted or fried. Its appearance alone will win you over. From Canada. Uses: Baker/general purpose.