Sprouting Broccoli

Sow in seedling rows 15cm (6") apart in April or May, transplant at least 60cm (2ft) preferably 75cm (21"/2ft) apart during late June to July. Firm rich soil with a high pH, and adequate staking are the main considerations when growing this crop. Regular harvesting is also important to maintain supply.

Exciting development, this ‘annual’ variety can be sown from March to August. Crops can be harvested from June-January. Good quality long fleshy shoots with purple heads.

A delicious vegetable producing heavy crops of purple topped side shoots. Ready in February - May.

The earliest available variety, can be cut from January in favourable areas. Produces large succulent spears.

Much improved form of early purple sprouting developed in Great Britain. Heading February - March.

Another British-bred variety suitable for late use. Attractive and delicious spears can be cut from March to early May.

CLARET F1 Hybrid
The first hybrid sprouting broccoli on the market. It has very good quality and uniformity. A large vigorous plant, producing heavy yields of purple, tasty spears for harvest in April.