THYME (Thymus vulgaris) -(Perennial)

Produces highly scented leaves for flavouring poultry, game and other meat dishes.

Plant Height

Up to 30cm/12 inches

Where to Sow

Indoors  in  pots 7.5cm/3-inches in diameter. 

Sowing time

Indoors March/April - temperature   +16C/61F.  

How to Sow

Very thinly. Cover with 3mm/1/8-inch of compost, water well then place in sealed polythene bags or cover with glass. Water from beneath.

After Germination

Remove from bags or glass. Place  in light position (out of direct sunlight). Thin to 3 plants per pot when the plants are about 12mm/1/2" tall. This is easily done with tweezers.

Growing on -  in Pots

Harden off  and finally move outdoors once all danger of frost has passed. Once the plants are established with a good root system, divide into separate plants and pot each up into 15cm/6" pots.

Growing on- in ground

As above but once hardened off, plant 25cm/10-inches inches apart in full sun.


Harvest whole stems before or at flowering time.  Good for drying.


One of the most fragrant herbs which goes well with fish, meat, poultry, game, cheese...almost everything! Used in Bouquet Garni